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Guerlain Chicherit made not one but three of the world’s most extreme sports his career and playground.

After winning his fourth world title in free skiing, Chicherit decided to try his hand at motor sports instead, throwing himself into rally driving to start. He won the French Rally Cup, the 2009 FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup, as well as several stages of the Dakar Rally, which, known as the toughest endurance rally in the world, Guerlain has raced 10 times now.

As a stunt driver, he pushed the limits of precision and determination to complete the world’s first unassisted backflip in a car, in February 2013. The following year, he wowed the world with his attempted world’s longest car jump, which he spectacularly crashed, but somehow walked away unscathed.

2015 saw Guerlain make is debut in the FIA World Rallycross Championship, to which he returned in 2016 and 2017, entering selected events before entering the 2018 season with a bespoke 2-car Renault Mégane Team, which grew to 4 cars across 2 teams by 2019.

Guerlain has taken his precise eye for detail, along with his passion for unique and innovative design to create a number of distinct luxury ski chalets in Tignes / Val d’Isère that form part of the GC-Kollection

Chalet Quezac was built in 2013 and is filled with world-famous sporting memorabilia, his sporting trophies, and every gadget and added service you could possibly think of. Chalet Quezac won the award of World’s Best New Ski Chalet 2014, and has since made the final of France’s Best Ski Chalet 2016 and 2017 awards.

In 2015, Guerlain launched Chalet Rock‘n’Love, which explores the retro world of Rock’n’Roll featuring numerous quirky details such as the use of real life vehicles for the pool table and the children’s beds. Chalet Rock’n’Love also made the final for Chalet Quezac’s 2014 title; World’s Best New Ski Chalet 2016.

2018 saw the Black Diamond come to life, as Guerlain decided to expand the GC Kollection further to include 6 unique residences, with each residence an exceptional private home in its own right – varying in size from 350m2 to a colossal 650m2. Boasting access to facilities and services that would leave many five star hotels envious, the Black Diamond is modern living; A fusion of chalet, hotel and members club.

Guerlain incorporates his sporting and travel experiences into each chalet he designs. His vision is to create truly unique and fun experiences through innovative ski chalets for the entire family, featuring the utmost in luxury and adventure to provide a holiday like never experienced before!


Our Chalets

Chalet Quezac

Undoubtedly unique and fully inspired by Guerlain Chicherit’s sporting career.

Chalet Rock n’ Love

Chalet Rock n’ Love breaks all the rules when it comes to the world of design.

Black Diamond

Six conceptually unique luxury residences. A touch of urban style at altitude.

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